Eyelash Extension? Yes, Please!


So I really wanted to have long lashes like my boys do. It’s not fair, they don’t really need them and I do. I decided to head to Rejuvenate Mind body and Soul in Charlotte (Dilworth Area). I was pleasantly surprised to enter a room that had on relaxing music and aromatherapy. I was totally surprised. What did I expect? I am not sure but not a spa like atmosphere.

I was a bit nervous about the whole thing heading in. Having someone work so close to your eyes is unnerving. After cleaning my lashes with an eye makeup remove-like- solution and applying small patches to keep my lower lashes down and out of the way Sherri painstakingly and with seriously steady hands applied individual falsies to my own eyelids. No glue does go on to your skin and the process is for the most part relaxing. My eyelids started to go crazy as she began the process but I think that it was because I was so nervous. I did fall asleep eventually as she said I would.

I was taken aback by the finished product.they looked like my own lashes but lush and long. So pretty and natural. My husband did not notice for days but my girlfriends did immediately. I would recommend eyelash extensions just for the sake of eliminating mascara altogether. They look very natural. I had fun looking in the rear view mirror all the way home.

There is some maintenance involved with getting these lashes. They must be filled every 3-4 weeks. But really? Another nap in a spa atmosphere? Yes, please.