Definition Brows Microblading

Definition Brows Microblading was developed by two strongly passionate Micropigmentation Practitioners, Jhon-Jhon Ventura, National Board Certified Micropigmentation Instructor & and Carlos Mejias, both with an extensive understanding of the beauty market, specialists in correction work, and celebrity stylists. They offer a wide range of services such as EliminInk Non-Laser Tattoo Removal, Permanent/ Paramedical Cosmetic Services (Skin Color Camouflage, Areola Restoration, Permanent Makeup, etc) and many other treatments to help people feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

With a clear understanding of their clients’ need for a natural alternative to permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, Jhon-Jhon and Carlos immediately began researching for alternatives. They traveled the world, learned from renowned practitioners from Italy, Germany, Israel, England and even Hungary! They applied their knowledge and carefully cultivated microblading techniques into creating Definition Brows Microblading. They tested many blades, pigments, aftercare, and color retention techniques and acquired distribution rights to the best of the best in order to offer high quality products in their Definition Brows Microblading line. This is what sets Definition Brows Microblading apart from other microblading brands.

You will learn all the fundamentals of microblading taught by the BEST! The microblading courses offered by the Jhon-Jhon Institute comply with all SPCP Board regulations for microblading certification.

Be Certified… Be Licensed… Be LEGAL!!!