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What is an Aqua Skin Facial?

An Aqua Skin Facial is a method of dermal Infusion that penetrates serums into the skin. However, it’s not so basic. There are many brand names out there you may have heard of but this one is a bit more pleasant and a lot more affordable. Other brands also do not include all the modalities as they are additional add-on services and cost usually about $50 on average more for each one. The machine we chose a few years ago allowed us to offer our clients an all-inclusive experience for exceptional value. The only additional cost is if you choose one of the ZO Skin Health boosters that we sell for targeted skin issues.

What is involved in this service?

It starts with a manual skin cleansing so we can analyze your skin and decide how to customize the service to your individual needs. If you would like to add a booster you can let us know and we will load it into the machine for you. We will then start your session with a cleansing infusion. This will clean any debris and dead skin as it hydrates your skin. Next, we will do a dermabrasion session. After your Aqua Skin Facial has been prepped we will either use a stimulator peel or an enzyme to give your skin a glow, Extractions are next on the journey. Then a tightening session followed by a serum infusion. Next, we will choose the LED session for your skin followed by a moisturizing SPF or night cream, eye cream, and our lip serum. Your skin is very hydrated and glowing at the end of your service.

What are the Boosters?

ZO Skin Health has two options for you. One is for Roseaca and one is for brightening. Then we also offer a growth factor for $25, a chemical peel for $30, or a Jessner peel for $50. You would only choose 1 option from these choices to target a specific problem.

Who is this service right for?

Anyone who needs a bit of extra hydration. If your skin is very sensitive we will turn the suction down to a very low setting or even manually infuse the serums with an ultrasonic spatula. It is also great for oily skin as we just change out the serums from enzymes to salicylic derivatives. Everything we do is customized to your individual needs.