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Microblading has become very popular in the last few years and is quickly becoming a staple service for most people with less desirable eyebrows. 

This procedure has been called many things, mostly for marketing reasons, from Eyebrow Feathering, Embroidery, and even 3D Brows (Yes we know there is nothing 3D about it). There are a lot of different reasons why people come in for Microblading, however everyone agrees on how much time is saved every morning. 

Let’s talk about what it is! Microblading is an advanced form of tattooing where we use a specialized hand tool to place pigment in the epidermal layer of the skin for extra crisp lines to give the appearance of real hair.

If you have never tried it before it’s good to know what to expect. You can not have any caffeine until after your procedure. Most people want the first-morning appointment for this very reason. We will clean the area with alcohol and apply a numbing agent for 30 minutes. During this time we will discuss your brows and the desired outcome. We then map the brows out and microblade a base well within the mapping area. After we finish we will hand you a mirror and perfect them to your liking. When you are happy we seal the area so it won’t get infected.

Some people are not a good candidate for this service. People who are on chemotherapy, pregnant or nursing, people who bleed a lot, and also very oily skin. Don’t panic if you fall into one of these categories as there are other options either waiting till you are in the clear or if you are oily we do machine work called feather strokes.

There is an emotional roller coaster ride for the new clients. 

  1. You will get to your car and start to think they are too dark. You are looking straight at the piglets as they are open. We have to account for what it will look like after they are healed over with your skin.
  2. About day 5-7 all the lymph has come to the surface to heal and its yellow and thick so it appears as if they are getting lighter or fading. They are not. The pigment is just under all that.
  3. In week 3 they are starting to look darker but spotty.
  4. Week 4 they are pretty much how they are going to look so you can decide if you want to cancel your touch up appointment or not.

Aftercare is of the utmost importance for your brows to heal correctly and look their best. We will give you a thorough print out of your instructions.

If you bled at all you are more then likely going to need that perfecting visit at week 5.

Things that will affect your brow’s longevity are skincare that turns over the cells quickly like chemical peels, laser services on your face, retinol. And the best way to preserve them is SPF on them everyday. (But your already wearing this on your face everyday right?!) For the most part they last a year. Some will last 10 months and some 18 months based on lifestyle and products as mentioned above.

It is hard to research to find the best provider for you but book consultations and ask to see their work also ask people you know that have it already and love it.

Sherri McGee
Rejuvenate Mind~Body~Soul