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How do I get rid of these annoying spots on my skin classic?

What is the Skin Classic and is it right for me?

The Skin Classic machine is a non-laser treatment that treats skin irregularities on the skins surface. It is direct high frequency that performs electrodessication to the irregularity. It is performed by an Esthetician or RN and causes the irregularity to vaporize and dehydrate, which will scab over and heal properly. It is an affordable option compared to laser, cryosurgery or cauterization. There is less risk of scarring or hyperpigmentation and requires minimal downtime.

What is the downtime and aftercare?

It should scab over quickly and heal so you need to be careful the first 4-6 days not to rub or scratch the scab off. Patting the skin dry instead of rubbing is mandatory after washing daily the first week. You should avoid the sun for 2 weeks as that can cause hyperpigmentation while healing. The spots will remain slightly darker (almost like a freckle) for a few weeks. We highly recommend using a brightening serum while healing on the face, as it’s often exposed to sunlight—also a great sunscreen every day, especially on the face or hands.

What can it treat?

Most common skin irregularities such as broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, keratosis, skin tags, hyperpigmentation, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, and acne. It is NOT used to treat Melasma as it creates heat and that usually causes more (or darker) Melasma so we only use the Aerolase Neo Elite to lighten Melasma. We have a page dedicated to this service.

How long does the treatment take? 

We book a 30 min session for this service. We allow 20 min to numb and 10 minutes to remove 5-7 spots depending on size. We recommend doing several sessions at 2 week intervals if you have a lot of irregularities so they can heal in previous areas. If you are combining laser services (example- the Aerolase NeoSkin) we like to do that 1 week after as it will lighten and heal much quicker.